Thursday, December 23, 2010

More notes from meeting 11-30-10 - system details & focus group ideas

This is a continuation of my sketchy notes from our mini-meeting at Zuni on November 30, 2010. We spent much of the afternoon in a discussion about sharing protocols and other details of the Zuni local system, and the protocols that will drive the links between the different local systems. Lastly, we had a discussion of the focus groups for evaluating the system.

We brainstormed about user profiles, and the kinds of information that might work to identify different users and drive the protocols of access. After coming up with a lengthy list, it seemed like a pretty invasive & complex amount of information to gather from users -- might discourage people from signing up.

- Probably only 1-2% of objects need that level of careful restriction
-- just mark it 'unavailable without assistance'
--- can only access it at AAMHC with help
-- for right now, just set sensitive things aside

we can run a permission set out of FileMaker
another idea - restricting access to local IP addresses

- Robin also emphasized that we need a word that doesn't subjugate the new stuff to the existing catalog
- we discussed different kinds of updates that might emerge, and whether we should distinguish between different updates.
Categories we brainstormed: (which could also emerge from the actual work)
- correctives / corrections
- events
- new / additional information
- research
- relations / genealogies
- disputes / discussions

- idea - part of the system evaluation could be from the self-ID of additions - does a pattern emerge?

- impact could be just access, or it could be making flexible systems, or user-generated content

- how do we roll out the system?
-- events in the community
-- getting adults on board
-- permanent kiosks at IHS, etc

Photos / videos / audio - what if young people don't know the protocols about taking photos or video?

Focus groups - guiding questions
themes of what we're interested in
- experience of the system
- access to patrimony
- community dialogue

question ideas (for anonymous q's in system)
How easy is this system to use? (answered on a scale of easy to hard)
Tell us about it...
How much do you feel you've learned from the system?

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