Thursday, August 12, 2010

Liquid Publication for the Sciences (?)

Yesterday I got a notification of a project headed by Fabio Casati, of the University of Trento in Italy, which could be of interest to us. It is a Framework 7 project (an EU funded project) which, according to their website, "proposes a paradigm shift in the way scientific knowledge is created, disseminated, evaluated and maintained. This shift is enabled by the notion of Liquid Publications, which are evolutionary, collaborative, and composable scientific contributions. Many Liquid Publication concepts are based on a parallel between scientific knowledge artifacts and software artifacts, and hence on lessons learned in (agile, collaborative, open source) software development, as well as on lessons learned from Web 2.0 in terms of collaborative evaluation of knowledge artifacts."

I am not yet sure, as it is not certain what exactly they mean by this, but such an idea could have consequences for our future work. I will contact Casati and see what this is all about and report back.

Best, R.

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