Thursday, April 1, 2010

What fields? Sharing between Argus, AAMHC and others.

I have been working on not only how to get the information from the partner museums to Zuni, but also what information to get. This is not easy as it seems largely impossible to find out exactly what fields ARGUS uses, but these seem to change, a bit, from museum to museum. There is also the question of matching up the information we can get out of Argus with other more extensive CMSs like the one at the MAA. However, progress has been made and I want to put this out for discussion.

Looking at the Argus output from the DMNS, MNA, DAM and IARC it seems that though there are slightly different field names in some cases, and different field use, a core set of data can be identified. The overlap with the MAA data is also good. Further, as the MAA data follows pretty closely the SPECTRUM documentation standard, that means that these fields should map well with just about any CMS.

I had trouble getting the blog to accept the table I created, so here is the link to the google spreadsheet with the comparison between the partners and the list of fields that I suggest, at the moment, should be the core of what is imported into the AAMHC database. I should emphasize that this list is just what will be imported from the partner museums into the AAMHC database, and does not determine, in any way, what the AAMHC will do with that data once it is in.

I now have to start working with how to get the data from AAMHC back to the other museums. This is a bigger problem!

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